About us

The individual should be at the heart of every discussion

Company Vision

Balance Care provide specialist community support to individuals recovering from mental ill health, acquired brain injury, learning disabilities, challenging or offending behaviour and those who may also have specific risks which require high-quality support.

Our philosophy of care places the individual at the centre of their own care and support. We offer the opportunity for supported activity in a therapeutic and optimistic manner within the community. We recognise that all people are unique and we will always meet those needs within a nurturing, meaningful, sustainable and interactive community environment whilst enhancing quality of life.

Our aim is to enable each individual to achieve their maximum possible functioning and autonomy in the community, whilst promoting safety, dignity and independence. To provide people with a step down from an in-patient stay into a community based placement to help each person on their personal journey of independence. Our objective is to offer appropriate levels of support to individuals that will enable them to best balance their personal resources with the demands in the community. This will involve a focussed progression towards improved quality of life and less dependence on services.

Balance Care is underpinned by the following key aims:

  • The individual should be at the heart of every discussion.
  • To promote independence and provide a better of quality of life for each person that we support.
  • To offer a multidisciplinary model, which enhances the transition of the individual in the community.
  • Our priority is to meet the individual’s needs and to ensure that a successful integrated care experience for each and every person is adopted.
  • Each person should be given the opportunity to live in their own local community.

Balance Care acknowledges:

  • Complete independence cannot always be offered to every individual.
  • Individuals with high risks will need a longer transition period as well as individuals who’ve been in inpatient settings for long periods of time.
  • Individuals may require more intensive support, sometimes in a hospital setting, but the focus should always be to support them back into the community.

Training and Development

We recognise that training and professional development is an essential component in delivering effective and consistent care. Support staff employed by the service will have obtained or be working towards the completion of the care certificate and have the minimum of a Level 2 in Health and Social Care. Each member of staff within the service will have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

Further to the mandatory aspects offered to our staff, we provide an extensive and detailed training programme that can be tailored specifically to all individual’s, particular risks and needs. This includes training in forensic approaches to care, neurorehabilitation and environmental management,

brain function and behaviour, the Mental Health Act (as amended 2007), Understanding Dementia and specifically tailored training events across a range of diverse Personality styles and Autistic Spectrum conditions.

Further, much more detailed and advanced training is available to more senior staff, should this be deemed necessary and appropriate. These innovative courses include Adapted Sex Offender Treatment Programme (Awareness) (ASOTP) and an introduction to the SVR20, a well validated assessment of individuals who have or have allegedly committed sexual offences. These more advanced courses are intended to increase awareness and provide context for the staffing team, thus, informing the care and support provided to the people in our service.

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